XRP and Tron rally, NuggetRush sparks interest amongst crypto enthusiasts

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In July 2023, the U.S. SEC challenged the Ripple victory. Additionally, it has emerged that Tron’s tokenization services are finding adoption. Meanwhile, crypto investors are investing their capital in gaming companies like NuggetRush (NUGX). 

However, whether NUGX can surpass XRP and TRX remains to be seen. Market analysts have varying opinions on this matter.

Ripple lawyers prepare for a possible SEC appeal

The SEC/Ripple legal battle is in its final week of the remedies-related discovery phase. 

Both parties will submit remedy-related briefs concerning breaches of Section 5 of the Securities Act. 

Ripple lawyers are preparing for a possible appeal.

If the SEC appeals the ruling, it could affect XRP prices. 

On Jan. 15, XRP traded at $0.5759. 

However, two weeks later, the price dropped by 12.6% to $0.5032 on Jan. 31. 

It then recovered by 4.5% and reached $0.5261 on Feb. 11.

The July 13 ruling stated that programmatic sales of XRP did not meet the third requirement of the Howey test. 

As a result, the court did not consider programmatic XRP sales to be a breach of Securities law. 

If the SEC wins its appeal, XRP may drop to $0.4668.

Tron can lead in real-world asset tokenization

Tron, reports show, leads other projects in tokenizing real-world assets (RWA). 

The platform is a major player in the stablecoin sector, accounting for one-third of the global stablecoin volume by the end of 2023. 

TRX remains firm and trending higher.

TRX traded at $0.1081 on Jan. 16 but rose 4% to $0.1125 on Jan. 27. 

The coin added 10.4%, expanding to $0.1243 on Feb. 11.

Due to recent legal issues, Tron’s stablecoin and RWA services may face challenges. 

Several agencies have accused Tron of facilitating criminal transactions on its network.

Most experts predict that TRX will gain 25.1% to $0.1556.

NuggetRush: rewarding adventurous gamers

NuggetRush is a unique gaming offering in the industry that has gained popularity in recent years. 

It provides an innovative mining experience on Ethereum. NuggetRush offers a glimpse into the future of play-to-earn gaming, which has become increasingly popular recently.

The game boasts exciting gameplay, group collaboration rewards, and NFT prizes. 

NuggetRush provides an immersive experience using high-quality graphics that make mining feel like the real deal. 

The game incorporates mundane and complex tasks to offer a challenging experience.

Players get to find mineral-rich lands using soil surveying techniques, and they can win high-value NFT characters with varying skill and luck levels that aid their mining operations. 

Some NFT characters have years of experience in mining natural resources. Others possess entrepreneurship skills that can help players accrue more value. Additionally, players can upgrade their NFTs to boost their efficiency and market value.

The NuggetRush presale has sold over 179 million NUGX so far. NUGX trades at $0.018 but will rise 11.1% to $0.020 on launch. 

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