XRP ETF speculation, analysts are upbeat on Dogecoin and Borroe Finance

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The crypto community is confident that a spot XRP ETF will be approved someday. However, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has yet to confirm any plans for such a product. Still, he hopes that cryptocurrencies will become more popular and mainstream. Meanwhile, there’s growing interest in Dogecoin and Borroe Finance (ROE) as both digital assets show growth potential.

XRP’s ETF speculation

The recent approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF by the U.S. SEC has led to increased speculation about the potential for other cryptocurrency ETFs, including XRP.

When asked about the potential for an XRP ETF, Garlinghouse responded with a non-committal answer. He did not provide a definitive response but said “there will be other ETFs for sure.”

Despite the CNBC host’s persistence in seeking a clear answer, Garlinghouse remained cautious and did not provide a definitive response. 

This approach has generated curiosity among crypto enthusiasts, leaving the door open for speculative discussions.

However, the XRP community continues to monitor any developments or hints regarding the potential for an XRP ETF, reflecting the evolving attitudes of major financial players towards digital currencies.

Dogecoin rallying

Skew, a crypto analytics platform, recently explored potential catalysts for a sustained uptrend in Dogecoin (DOGE) prices, incorporating technical and speculative market dynamics.

The platform connects the recent surge in DOGE’s price to the creation of the XPayments account, sparking speculation about possible integration with X (formerly Twitter).

While acknowledging the positive momentum, Skew emphasizes the importance of DOGE regaining specific critical levels to sustain an upward trend.

The analyst underscores the significance of aligning the DOGE price trend with 4-hour Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) and maintaining a Relative Strength Index (RSI) consistently above 50. Skew stresses that sustained trends in these indicators are essential for a genuine uptrend.

Analyzing the DOGE Binance spot market, Skew identifies a new price range formation, highlighting a significant spot demand zone around $0.07 and a noticeable supply wall at $0.1. Large bids during the move above $0.09 are noted, indicating potential support levels.

Observing Open Interest (OI) and Delta on Binance and Bybit for DOGE, Skew notes a significant OI increase alongside a +13% price move, with more perpetual volume seen than spot volume. The analytics platform suggests monitoring spot market flows for bullish indicators, such as a spot premium leading the price and spot limit bids on dips and neutral funding rates, to anticipate further gains.

Reflecting on a previous DOGE rally, Skew highlights the need for four clear signs for a significant DOGE rally: a compelling narrative, key price level reclaim, sustained 4-hour trend, and higher spot flows supporting perpetual speculation.

Adding to Skew’s analysis, a crypto analyst examines the 1-day DOGE/USD chart, emphasizing the positive hold of the Daily 200MA/EMA and an increasing narrative surrounding XPayments. 

Borroe Finance’s plans for web3 fundraising

Borroe Finance, an AI-powered funding marketplace, has raised over $2.6 million in its fourth presale phase. 

This success can be attributed to the project’s unique blend of AI and NFT capabilities.

Borroe Finance operates on Polygon and offers a fundraising platform that allows businesses to convert future revenue streams into tradable NFTs. 

This novel approach to capital raising has differentiated the project and contributed to its popularity among investors.

The internal NFT marketplace facilitates immediate access to funds for creators based on their projected future earnings. This distinctive feature sets Borroe Finance apart in the crypto landscape.

ROE, the native token, is deflationary. This mechanism encourages long-term holding among investors.

Led by experienced web3 and fintech industry professionals Maxim Prishchepo and Michael Price, Borroe Finance is committed to its mission. 

Their involvement distinguishes the platform from hype-driven coin offerings, particularly in a web3 environment that has seen its share of rug pulls and scams.

Borroe Finance prioritizes transparency and security, holding a compliance certification from BlockAudit. The project’s public smart contract visibility further reinforces its commitment to openness.

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