GOP Rep: Next Trump Admin Requires Loyalty Above… Competence?

On Real America’s Voice, Missouri Republican Rep. Mike Davis said something that won’t shock anyone. The Republican Party doesn’t exist anymore. It’s the Trump Party now. Even the RNC will be turned over to Lara Trump, so her father-in-law has new territory for looting purposes. Most of us suspected that Trump would destroy his own party, but the amount of willing participants is rather bizarre. Davis said that people in Trump’s next administration need to be loyal above anything else — even competence.

Co-host Natalie Winters asked, “Mike Davis, do you want to add anything?”

“I actually worked on political appointments in a prior Republican administration, and it’s critically important,” Davis said. “We have about 3,000 political appointees who are supposed to run an executive branch with, you know, nearly 3 million people, so we’re outnumbered about 1,000 to 1, and if you get the wrong political appointees in these 3,000 slots, you’re going to lose entire swaths of the executive branch. So it’s critically important.”

Here it comes.

“You need two things to be a political appointee of a president. You need to be both competent, and you have to be loyal,” he added. “You have to be both; you can’t be one or the other. You have to have both. That is what’s going to be so important in this next administration is to get people who are both competent and, more importantly loyal in these jobs.”

Loyalty for Lumpy! How about this instead: elected officials work for the people and should not be installed to suck up to a bloviating windbag with a narcissistic personality disorder.

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