The Lincoln Project Savages Trump For His Gaffe-Filled Weekend

I’m not sure who’s doing the research and video editing for The Lincoln Project, but as someone who has been monitoring the right wing and doing similar work for C&L for some time now, I can directly relate to the pain involved and the number of hours of watching, recording, and then editing this rambling lunatic Dementia Donny that was necessary to put something like this together.

Whoever did this deserves some hazard pay if they aren’t getting it already.

Here’s a summation of some of the highlights, or low-lights from the clip from Raw Story:

“They’re destroying our country and we’re gonna,” Trump is heard saying, “I just wish we could do it quicker.”

The video montage also features the moment at a CPAC speech whenTrump openly agreed with Russian President Vladimir Putin that he would prefer President Joe Biden over him.

Trump stated, “He’d much rather see Biden as president and I agree with him.” The video later had him claiming he was still gabbing with the Russian counterpart. “I talk to Putin a lot,” he claimed.

The video also includes footage from when Trump spoke at Friday night’s Black Conservative Federation Gala and said he was blinded by the lights.

I’m happy to see more of this and not less. The media keeps harping on Biden’s age while we’ve got a guy only a few years younger than him who sounds like a raving maniac and can barely string a sentence together half the time, but it’s Biden they say has the cognitive problems.

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