Joy Reid Rips Trump Performance: 'You Had One Thing To Do'

After watching Trump’s speech last night after winning the primaries. Joy Reid went off on a rant because he talked about how terrible the economy and that he is the only one who can save it. Not the way the rest of us remember it!

“That is the reason he didn’t get reelected and that was part of it. In 2021 it was 5.9. 2.3, -2.8, 5.9 and 1.9. There is one factor in all four of those and he just said it. Donald Trump had one job. He had one crisis and he said all of these things were perfect and you had one crisis, and it was called the pandemic and you know what you did, bro, you bollixed it and you did so poorly at managing your sole crisis and the one hard thing to do – the reason he doesn’t look old like Biden does, because the presidency ages you when you did the job. Obama went gray because he was doing the work in Donald Trump looks the same as when he started because he was playing golf the whole time,” Reid said.

“You think that hair color is natural?” Stephanie Ruehl wisecracked.

“The reality is, he had one job, to manage this crisis and he messed it up so badly that they had to do the stimmy and people love this and 1 million bodies are in the ground because of how poorly he managed an airborne virus,” Reid said.

“If you want to thank anybody in this country for that, you thank Nancy Pelosi and they got a few Republicans to sign on, but Donald Trump was clever enough as the branding man to put his name on it.” Ruehl said.

“We have to keep going back because i do hear this a lot particularly among this attempt to pretend you will get black voters and you have to ask the question that the hip-hop artist Fly asked, ‘Why did you have to have a ‘stimmy’?” It crashed and it went into negative GDP and people were unable to work or literally survive economically and people were going to literally lose their homes, apartments and everything and you had everybody locked in the house. The only thing you could do was do massive government spending, which is a Democratic thing,” Reid said.

“It is one of the reasons we are dealing with inflation, which is a necessary evil that got us out of the devastation that we are in, but one of the reasons the stock market does so well and not Donald Trump because traders think you will win, it is because we didn’t have a hard landing,” Ruehl said.

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