Pushd Stage 6 presale attracts Ethereum and Bitcoin holders

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Amid volatility in the major cryptocurrencies, Pushd’s Stage 6 presale is drawing significant interest from Ethereum and Bitcoin investors looking for promising returns.

The crypto market has been experiencing volatile movements, especially among its major players—Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, savvy investors are using this opportunity to invest in Pushd, a new introduction to the crypto world.

Ethereum goes through a consolidating period

Earlier this month, Ethereum fell to the $2922 support level; however, it has been trending upward since then. With the resistance line of $3730 waiting for it, many hope it travels there and even breaks past that point.

However, the journey toward that point seems slow and shaky, as the Ethereum price appears to enjoy a choppy journey. Today, the coin’s market price fell below $3203.35, which is also around a resistance line.

If the coin breaks past there, it could continue its upward trend. Analysts advise traders to consider a downward movement if Ethereum fails to breach these resistant lines.

Bitcoin whales gets drawn to profitable investment

Since its halving event, Bitcoin’s price has only risen past $66,000. As of April 22nd, it is at $66,598.07, an increase of 2.79% from the previous day. Past halving events have led to Bitcoin hitting new highs the following month. However, it seems that this time may be different.

Due to Bitcoin hitting a new all-time high at $73,750.07 on March 11, many analysts wonder if the coin will break past this new resistance in the coming months. It remains unclear if Bitcoin will follow tradition and have a sharp price rise as it did after a halving event.

Despite this uncertainty, many of its miners are exploring new avenues that assure them of a sure return on their investment. 

Pushd changes the web3 space

Pushd is the first web3 online platform that offers users a fully decentralized marketplace that connects buyers and sellers worldwide. Users can easily list their products online on this platform, and any interested buyer can purchase the item using cryptocurrency. Vendors can also decide to auction their product or state the specific price they want to sell it. 

The Pushd platform offers a swap service where users can easily swap their coins with anyone on the platform in seconds without paying any commission charge. They will also get a debit card that can be used to spend the funds available in their Pushd wallet from any location worldwide. 

The coin is currently in stage six of the presale, so interested investors can purchase each Pushd token for $0.144. Depending on the number of tokens purchased, early investors can earn a portion of the platform’s revenue. 

To learn more, visit the Pushd presale event.

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