What A Big Difference: The Bidens Release Their Tax Returns

What a difference. Donald Trump fought for years to prevent his returns from being released to the public even though it was one of his central campaign promises to release them. The Bidens released theirs showing that they paid a combined total of $146,629 in federal income taxes in 2023 after reporting income of $619,976. While Trump paid zero dollars during his last year in office to charity, the Bidens reported contributions totaling $20,477 to 17 charities, including $5,000 to the Beau Biden Foundation, named for the Bidens’ late son.

USA Today reports:

Biden’s presidential salary is $400,000. Jill Biden reported earning $85,985 from Northern Virginia Community College, where she teaches. The Bidens collected $129,876 in taxable interest, pensions and annuities, Social Security benefits, and IRA distributions − significantly more than in 2022, producing the spike in income. Jill Biden also reported $4,115 in royalties from prior book publications.

And we didn’t even have to ask them to release their taxes. Imagine that.

The first couple also paid $30,908 in Delaware income tax, while Jill Biden reported paying $3,549 taxes in Virginia.

Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff reported paying $88,570 in federal income tax in 2023, amounting to an effective 19.7% federal tax rate, after earning an income of $450,299. The second couple reported donating $23,026 to charities.

Two quotes stand out. Trump became wealthy over his image, with the walls of his Trump Tower apartment painted in a gaudy gold color. The Trump Force One airplane is important to him. His image only involves money and always having a wife, even though he’s an adulterer.

“For 36 years, I was listed as the poorest man in Congress,” Biden told donors in February. “Not a joke.”

In 2015, Trump declared as part of his candidacy, “I’m really rich.”

As a candidate in 2016, he told “60 Minutes” Lesley Stahl he’d take $1 a year. Trump did not donate his last year’s salary as promised.

Unsurprisingly, Trump supporters are still falling for the grift. Hey, wanna buy a $60 Bible?

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